Nissan of St Charles Scam artists!!!

Evansville, Wisconsin 2 comments
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Went there a year ago for help getting out of a car we could not afford.they kept us there all day and said if we could just use someone elses credit score, we could get a better rate.

Long story short, they put the car in that persons name and when we asked why they had to come in and sign and why they were signing so many papers, it was part of the deal when you use someone else's credit score. they hussled through the paperwork to rush us out of there. Charged $30k for a car that would be selling for $15k. When I called about it, they said it was an interest only loan and we would not be paying this amount.

Now, ALL of the people we dealt with are gone and the general manager, Mike Vite said he would pay down the overage, all we had to do was have the dealership we were dealing with call him. Guess what? He won't take my calls or a dealerships calls anymore.

The woman they scammed was a 77 year old woman, with breast cancer and had just had open heart surgery!!

Review about: 2010 Nissan Altima.



We did report them to Nissan and they did nothing.we reported them to the bank for fraud and they did nothing.

We filed a complaint with the illinois state attorney general and have heard nothing!

there was an arbitration agreement signed, so we can't hire(or afford) an attorney.Seems like we are just out the money


Using anyones credit to obtain a lower payment is Mega Illegal Because its their score their credit and their financial future this dealership is messing with.

If i were you I would Report this dealership for fraud to the state Attorney generals Office and consult an attorney the dealership can financially *** and the co signer along with pawning all the blame of using another persons credit information off on you Protect yourself legally the dealership is in violation of federal law for even suggesting this action to you and can be held liable for everything and they already know It!! thats why they wont take your calls they know it could cost them thousands of dollars for breaking the law and risk them losing their licenses they dont want you to know they broke the Law Believe me do what I tell you and protect yourself also call the car maker and report them for this the maker will pull their franchise rights until this matter is cleared up and you may wind up not having to pay anything for this vehicle and owning it for nothing because of this

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